Direct Access to Global Business

Recognising the vast business opportunities on the global emerging markets, and especially in Asia and Africa, Andersen Consult serves as a gateway for Danish entrepreneurs seeking to establish successful and lasting businesses in these frontier markets. Since 2002, we have assumed a dual mandate of using business-to-business cooperation to spur economic development in our project countries and helping advance globalisation objectives of our clients.

At Andersen Consult we assist our clients in effectively navigating the risk-opportunity tightrope in emerging markets. Our services include client identification, B2B partnership set-up, strategy development, multicultural negotiations as well as business to Government clients. Project management, project implementation and financial management are also included. Financial support is secured via our close cooperation with Danish Government programmes such as EKF, IFU, Danida and the Export Council, Regional Business Incubator programmes and various EU programmes.

We provide professional and engaged advisory services to transform ideas into real business. We have more than 20 years of experience in Asia and in Africa and a well developed and well established network of local companies and key decision makers providing support to the many processes involved in achieving success in emerging markets. We are continuously seeking to broaden our horizon to the benefit of our clients.


Project Development

With more than 20 years of experience in project development in emerging markets, Andersen Consult perform our project development approach with diligence.

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Export & Sourcing

A major part of international business is exporting and importing. Export is the direct entry strategy to participate in global trade and development of new markets requiring fever financial resources to exercise than most other strategies.

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There are many different opportunities for financing regarding international business development, all aiming to advance the international position of the Danish Business Community. Andersen Consult cooperates with the leading funding agencies, EU and Government programs designed to support Danish companies internationalize and grow.

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The main purpose of Andersen Consult is to promote trade, commerce and international cooperation between Danish and foreign companies. Business Delegations are an effective approach to achieve this objective.

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We are a team. Our Business Networking approach is to quality assure your initiatives and provide you with access to likeminded entrepreneurs and business leaders. All resulting in building mutually beneficial relationships.

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Andersen Consult Clusters is working on maximizing the ability of Danish companies to combine their efforts in taking their world-class products and services to global markets.

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We cooperate closely with leading public agencies

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