Andersen in a Globalised Business World

The Andersen Consult mission is about internationalisation and reaching global business opportunities for our clients with a particular focus on emerging markets. Since 2002, we have developed concentrated business experience on a long list of markets. Experience which is offered as a direct market gateway to our clients. We emphasise a hands-on approach to the development of profitable business opportunities on our target markets. We work with all sizes of enterprises, utilising cluster approaches to manage larger scale tasks and provide quality assurance to the business processes via networking at home and abroad.

Our access to key decision makers, both private and public, is vast and we take pride in being able to take our clients from idea to invoice. Every market holds opportunities, no matter its level of development. Our speciality is to identify the right opportunity and combine it with the right business entity. We are highly experienced in developing challenging and eye-opening business missions where the key objective is matching business-ready entrepreneurs. We work closely with the institutional promoters of globalisation and export initiatives, however, always true to our own mission. Together with Andersen Consult, you move your business.

The Backbone of the Andersen DNA

Andersen Values

We believe in courageous leadership and we are ready to prove our case and be in front at any time. We collaborate with likeminded companies and individuals and our methods and processes are determined by integrity and transparency. We are accountable for our ideas and initiatives and we are very passionate about our approaches. We believe in commercial cooperation as one of the best ways to bridge the world’s diversities and to accept our different ways of being. We honour our agreements and take pride in fulfilling our clients’ expectations. Move your business, take action with us and be part of changing our world.

Andersen Mission

Move your business, take action with us and be part of changing our world – this is our mission. We bridge the gap between different business cultures. We commit our resources to the establishment of lasting commercial relationships between companies across borders. We transfer knowledge and technical assistance to markets with interest in our solutions. We continuously provide innovation and quality assure our methods and processes to ensure optimal support to our clients. We focus on emerging markets as a place for growth and opportunity.

Andersen Attention

Financial and economical development is in the new markets. Positioning ourselves there enables us to be part of their future. At Andersen Consult we are determined to utilise our resources to the fullest to secure our clients an optimal position in the global business development efforts. Establishing a strong platform on which to secure a constant flow of our values, technologies and knowledge to markets engaged in defining their own next step is essential. We do so with the belief that building sustainable partnerships, based on a commercial platform, provide for optimal cross cultural communication and a common positive development.

We cooperate closely with leading public agencies

There are many different opportunities for financing regarding international business development, all aiming to advance international business cooperations. Andersen Consult cooperates with leading funding agencies as well as EU and Government programmes designed to support growth oriented internationalisation processes among enterprises. The programmes provide grants, loans, equity shareholding capital or other financial assistance to help take your company to the next level in international business.

Andersen Consult specialises in obtaining financing for all aspects of international business development projects. We act as your commercial capital consultant identifying your capital need, developing the right structure for your business model and securing the funds.

  • Asia House
  • Danish Export Association
  • Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce
  • Erhvervshusene
  • Industriens Fond
  • IFU
  • Nordic Development Fund

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