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Cold Legeredskaber - Joint Venture

Cold Legeredskaber decided in 2005 to investigate production of play items for schools and kindergartens as an outsourcing project. In consultation with Andersen Consult, it was decided to investigate opportunities in Bangladesh. A thorough partner search was conducted and a professional partner was identified in Chittagong.

The project involved setting up a production unit following the outline of Cold Legeredskaber in Hirtshals. And, the partnership was formed as a joint venture company with equity shareholding. Today, the production facility is involved in a long range of various fully and semifinished products for export. The project has enjoyed a number of visits from Denmark by fellow entrepreneurs to get a first hand experience from building up a production unit in Bangladesh.

“I have worked with Andersen Consult since 2005 and with insight in local business culture and thoroughness, we greatly benefitted in our project and joint venture development activities in Bangladesh from this cooperation. Also, when things are not exactly moving as expected, they are there to give the right push.”

Michael Cold - Owner - Cold Legeredskaber

Andersen Client - Distribution

(The company name is not disclosed due to strategic considerations)

A Danish food distributor decided in 2015 to expand its operations in the South East Asian region with a focus on both import and export of food products. The company contacted us to develop an approach to key markets where the company has little or no involvement at present. Vietnam was chosen and a thorough visit programme established.

Both professional supply and import companies were met as well as contacts was established to key decision makers to establish a strong local network for our client on which to continue its operations. The project obtained support from Danida’s DBE programme and is currently being implemented.

“We do have business activities in Asia, however, we could see good benefit from working with Andersen Consult and accessing their vast network in the region. Normally we take action on our own, however, this new method proved very successful and it will not the last time we work together.”

Partner and Purchase Director

Smoke Solution - Joint Venture

The company started its project development activities in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Focus was to produce key parts to the company’s core product, the smoke suction device. As a consequence, the company had sought support from Andersen Consult and support has been renderes to the company to expand its R&D and production activities in Bangladesh with Danida’s B2B programme support.

Later on, Smoke Solution decided to expand its regional coverage and product scope to involve production of active carbon filters. A sub product from these activities are BBQ brickets and both products were to have its base in Indonesia. In close cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Jakarta, Andersen Consult secured long term support to Smoke Solution and the company is thriving today.

As a matter of expansion of its business activities, Smoke Solution sought a strategic equity based partnership with IFU which is today on track. Martn Longhi, owner and CEO, decided early on that if you want to be successful in regional Asia, you have to be there 24-7. With his entrepreneurial spirit, the company is successful and in positive development.

“We were in a situation where we needed an advisor to assist us in Dhaka. Andersen Consult was in town and put everything aside to manage our challenges. I was very satisfied with their flexibility and the results. Later, Andersen Consult identified opportunities for us in Indonesia and this has really been a breakthrough for our company”. They come highly recommended from me.”

Martin Longhi - Owner - Smoke Solution

Aabybro Guld & Sølv - Joint Venture

The company decided in 2004 to set-up a jewelry production company in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Danish owner, An Phuoc Tram, was determined to establish a joint venture company with a local partner to produce the Danish company’s own design as well as to introduce to Danish whole sellers to produce their designs. The project involved setting up a highly specialized 200 staff strong production where fully finished jewelry would be produced. The project involved intensive training of gold smiths in both Denmark and in Vietnam – a range of training sessions which still today is continued in order to keep the competence level at the highest levels at all times.

Later on in the project, in 2011, An Phuoc Tram decided it was time to set-up his own fully owned production facility in HCMC. The focus is maintained and the production is experiencing a rapid expansion due to Danish whole sellers interest to work with the company. Moreover, An Phuoc Tram will open his own finishing and repair workshop in Aabybro at his Danish workshop. This is done to continuously invest in a strong market platform in Denmark.

“I have worked with Andersen Consult for many years and we have together build both a strong business relation and a friendship. I can always get in touch with Andersen Consult wherever and whenever, this is important to me.”

An Phuoc Tram - Owner - Aabybro Guld & Sølv

JS-Ventilation - Technical Collaboration

In 2013, JS-Ventilation A/S, a Glostrup based ventilation and cooling company, decided to join the Danida Green Growth business delegation to Bangladesh. With a severe challenge in Bangladesh on the issue of proper ventilation and cooling in, especially, the textile and garment factories, JS-Ventilation saw the market potential. Bangladesh, being the world’s second largest textile manufacturer, has a great need for improving working conditions in the factories. With a lack of local knowledge on energy effective ventilation systems, the need for foreign involvement is very much required.

JS-Ventilation decided to take up the challenge and has identified a local partner, with which to develop the necessary technical and market platform to work with Bangladesh. The local partner is a resourceful industry group with many years of experience with complicated industry products from the EU, Japan and the US. The partnership has been formed and is currently undergoing constant upgrading involving knowledge transfer and technical assistance. The project is on track and the partners are building up their ventilation workshop which is required for manufacturing the systems and for providing fast and professional local service.

“Bangladesh has been an eye opener for us in JS. We have always delivered our products to Denmark. But Andersen Consult has put our attention to export and emerging markets and showed us the way and we are very excited about our project.”

Søren Duval - CEO & Partner - JS-Ventilation

Amanda Seafood - Export

In 2014 Amanda Seafoods decided to engage actively in the Asian markets and, as a starting point, to participate in the Andersen Consult managed Danida Food & Agro Delegation to Indonesia. The objective was to establish distribution of Amanda’s new product line of tube based high quality seafood products.

In addition to this initiative, the company would be looking at launching another new product, the fish sausage. Both product lines were met with very high interest among the local partner options and currently Amanda is implementing its plans for establishing supply to the large supermarket chains in the country. Moreover, Amanda is seeking new opportunities in Thailand as well as expanding its activities in Vietnam.

“Working in Asia has been a tremendously positive experience. The economy in the region is developing very nicely and the populations are interested in new and refined European food products. I am definitely focusing our company’s market attention to this area much more in future. We have worked with Andersen Consult all along and can warmly recommend other companies to seek cooperation with them. What they say is what they deliver.”

Jesper Kold Sørensen - Partner & CEO - Amanda Seafood

Cold Flood Prevention

Cold has developed a new, smart and highly mobile flood prevention technology. The system is highly potential in most countries with flooding challenges. In most cases, the system would be utilised by companies wanting to protect their values and keeping production activities on-going. And, roads, housing, offices etc. would all benefit from having access to a technology which can within less than an hour provide protection from destructive flooding.

Andersen Consult is providing support to marketing and awareness activities in Asia and it is expected to see export of the system during 2015.

“Knowing how big a problem flooding is becoming in Asia, we decided to work with Andersen Consult to identify the right markets for a start entry. We have now engaged fully with Andersen Consult to direct the distribution of our flood barrier products on a number of Asian markets and things are looking quite exciting. With a wide network in Asia, Andersen Consult can bring us quicker solutions than we could ourselves. ”

Michael Cold - Partner - Cold Flood Prevention

Andersen Client - Sourcing

(The company name is not disclosed due to strategic considerations)

The company is a major food product distributor with a wide range of quality food products sourced from a variety of global markets. The company decided to expand its sourcing coverage in Asia with a possibility of, at the same time, to increase its export opportunities. Vietnam was chosen as a market of investigation and with an objective of identifying local suppliers of exotic frozen food products and importers of Scandinavian quality food items. The processes are successfully being implemented.

“Asia a must for food business today and we want to get the best continuation of our on-going activities in the region. This is why we chose to work with Andersen Consult.”

Manager Business Asia

Andersen Client - Sourcing

The company has successfully established a distribution system of beauty products in Denmark and is looking for cutting edge products for b2b sales. The company had identified a skin product from Thailand which they would like to add to their product portfolio, however, unable to find out how to do it and who to contact.

Andersen Consult identified the product along with a professional Thai supplier willing to cooperate with our client. The Thai supplier and our client have now entered into a thriving partnership.

“We needed assistance to identify an, for us, important new and exciting product, but could not do it on our own. We contacted Business Incubator Centre Mid Jutland for help and they immediately directed us to Andersen Consult. We have enjoyed an expedient and successful cooperation with this consultancy firm.”

Partner & Product Manager

Chembo - DBP & Partner Financing

In 2014, Andersen Consult assisted Chembo in securing a 6-months investment grant for their project in Bangladesh. The project was focusing on establishment of a hard chrome production facility in Bangladesh. The grant co-financed development costs such as; procurement of equipment, international and domestic travel, per diem, consultancy services and salary.

“The Andersen team stood out to me for the quality of their relationships and their genuine interest in the success of our project in Bangladesh. They helped us handle all the financial matters which meant that we could focus on the development of our project.”

Erik Rasmussen - Owner - Chembo

Comet Trawl - Regional Development Funding

During 2013 and 2014, Andersen Consult assisted Comet Trawl in securing investment grants for their market involvement in Indonesia and Myanmar. The 2-year process was focusing on analysing and identifying local business partners for export cooperation. The grants co-financed development costs such as; export strategy, market analysis and consultancy services.

“Andersen Consult has been very helpful and professional securing funding for our commercial export activities in Indonesia and Myanmar.”

John Brink - Partner - Comet Trawl

AS SCAN - DBP & Partner Financing

In 2012, Andersen Consult assisted AS SCAN in securing a 3-year investment grant for their project in Bangladesh. The project was focusing on establishment of a hydraulics workshop servicing the Bangladeshi shipbuilding and repair industry. The grant co-financed implementation costs such as; procurement of equipment, international and domestic travel, per diem, consultancy services and salary.

“We received very valuable assistance from Andersen Consult securing a substantial 3-year investment grant for our project in Bangladesh.”

Michael Vejlgaard - CEO - AS SCAN

Aller Aqua - DBP & IFU Financing

In 2012, Andersen Consult assisted Aller Aqua in securing a 3-year investment grant for their project in Egypt. The project was focusing on establishment of a fish feed production facility for fish feed production in Egypt. The grant co-financed implementation costs such as; procurement of equipment, international and domestic travel, per diem, consultancy services and salary.

“Andersen Consult has been a professional funding-partner identifying our capital need, developing the right structure for our business model and securing the funds.”

Carsten Jørgensen - Partner & CFO - Aller Aqua

Fishing Technology Delegation to the Philippines 2016

With a yearly growth rate of 6 % and more than 100 million citizens, the Philippines make up a promising market for Danish export ready entrepreneurs. Especially the fishing industry is of great interest as the current fishing methods and equipment utilised are significantly outdated and of low to medium quality.

In January 2016, Andersen Consult and the Danish Embassy in Manila conducted a Fishing Technology delegation to Manila with 16 participating Danish companies. Thanks to a well organised meeting program, the delegation opened up several business opportunities for the delegates who are all representatives of a highly efficient and experienced fishing industry where sustainability is in front.

Future business projects will be directed towards sustainable fishing technologies, vessel construction, seafood processing, food supply and general and specific training.

“Being a first time visitor to the Philippines, I was very impressed by the local interest in the Danish companies and the many valuable relations built during the week. There is definitely a wide scope of business for Dan Marin. The delegation programme made by the organisers was impressive. We look forward to growing our business together with the Andersen Consult team.”

Vidhya Banerjee - Sales Manager - Danmarin A/S

Business Delegation to Kenya 2012

Kenya is a regional strategic foreign investment destination as a result of the expanded East African community market with a total market potential of almost 130 million people. Emerging business opportunities are in particular within the energy sector, and especially green energy, due to a rapidly increasing demand for energy. Furthermore, industries such as food & agriculture, healthcare, security and IT contain great potential for Danish companies.

In 2012, Andersen Consult conducted a business delegation to Kenya focusing on identifying local business partners for export cooperation. In total, 8 Danish companies participated with the purpose of exploring the market. During the delegation, the participating companies were presented with the opportunity to showcase their products, technologies and competences towards local business people. Three of the participating companies used the delegation to start-up commercial projects and activities in Kenya.

“The delegation provided us with a good introduction to the Kenyan market. We used the delegation as a stepping-stone to setup a partnership project with a local company.”

Norman Kristiansen - Owner - Guardian

Business Delegation to Myanmar 2013

Myanmar is a highly promising prospect for businesses and investors – an underdeveloped economy with many advantages, in the heart of the world’s fastest growing region. While other emerging economies have experienced a structural shift away from agriculture toward manufacturing, Myanmar’s reliance on agriculture has increased. Today, the country’s manufacturing sector is small in absolute terms, but it has the potential to be Myanmar’s largest by 2030. Therefore, there are great opportunities for Danish companies to supply equipment, provide training and establish manufacturing facilities in Myanmar.

In 2013, Andersen Consult conducted a business delegation to Myanmar focusing on identifying local business partners for export cooperation. In total, 16 Danish companies participated with the purpose of exploring the market. During the delegation, the participating companies were presented with the opportunity to showcase their products, technologies and competences towards local business people. A number of the participating companies are now involved in commercial activities in Myanmar.

“Andersen Consult did a great job planning and facilitating the delegation to Myanmar. The delegation was practical and business-oriented which we highly appreciate.”

Preben Pedersen - Partner & CEO - TRECO

Green Growth Delegation to Bangladesh 2014

Bangladesh is a country with a lot of potential and a lot of challenges - and the potential is actually found in the solution to these challenges. Some of the main challenges in Bangladesh are energy crisis, pollution, lack of clean water and proper sanitation.

Danish companies are among the world leaders in industries that specialize in providing solutions to the challenges that Bangladesh is facing. Wind-power, solar-power and biogas have a huge potential to mitigate the energy crisis. Danish expertise in water-treatment and effective recycling-systems for garbage has likewise a valuable potential in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is actively seeking foreign cooperation to alleviate its challenges and in 2014, Andersen Consult and the Danish Embassy conducted a follow up-delegation to Bangladesh focusing on Green Growth. In total, 21 Danish companies participated resulting in more than 180 B2B-meetings with local companies. Several of the Danish companies used the delegation to start-up commercial projects in Bangladesh.

“It was an eye-opening delegation and there are certainly good market opportunities in Bangladesh. The delegation was well-planned and a good way to expand our global business network.”

Erik Svoldgaard - Area Export Manager - Migatronic

Food & Agriculture Delegation to Indonesia 2014

An impressive economic development during the past 15 years has made Indonesia the 16th largest economy in the world. The growth has already created an enormous middle class of 45 million, which is forecasted to grow to 135 million in 2030. Due to the rapidly growing middle class, ensuring food security in Indonesia is a key challenge. Food and agriculture is therefore a top priority for the Government and the private sector in order to accommodate the need for technology input and knowhow.

Indonesia constitutes a very interesting market with great export potential for Danish products and solutions within food and agriculture – sectors where Danish companies are world leaders. In 2014, Andersen Consult and the Danish Embassy conducted a delegation to Indonesia focusing on food and agriculture. In total, 10 Danish companies participated resulting in more than 60 B2B-meetings with local companies. Several of the Danish companies used the delegation to start-up commercial projects in Indonesia.

“We used the delegation and our B2B-meetings to expand our network in Indonesia. Furthermore, we used the delegation to become familiar with Danida’s business programs and we are currently working on a project in Africa in collaboration with Andersen Consult.”

Kim Roed Jensen - CEO - Kangamiut Seafood

KM Fish Machinery - Asia Network

KM has based its business development in Asia on the active participation in network activities with Andersen Consult. This has led to business projects in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. With focus on production and supply of turn key fish and shrimp processing plants, the company’s presence in Asia is a must.

KM Fish has made it a strategy to look at the newer and middle developed markets where food processing is undergoing extensive development to secure supply to the local markets as well as for export purposes. With more than 10 years in Asia, KM Fish has become a respected brand. Involvement in the Andersen Consult entrepreneur network has for KM Fish been a vehicle for success.

“I can say it bluntly: Without the participation in our Andersen Consult EAFC network, we would not have reached the commercial milestones, we have reached. I can only say, get involved and get going. That’s all.”

Niels Kronborg Nielsen - Partner & Director - KM Fish Machinery

Hanoi International Technology Centre - Asia Network

The Dane who has represented Denmark actively in Vietnam for the past 25 years is a true network booster. Preben Hjortlund, prior UNIDO Country representative in Vietnam and presently CEO Hanoi International Technology Centre, has utilized network building as the primary source to be ahead of everyone else.

Access to new information, who is doing what and where and where is the next good business opportunity are among the many benefits of active network building. Preben Hjortlund’s network spreads all over Asia but always with a direct link to Denmark.

“Asia is based on networking. If you want to succeed here, you need to acknowledge this fact. Everything is decided based on network and this is why it is so important to get involved in the Andersen Consult EAFC network. Especially as a newcomer you are greatly benefitted from involvement in a friendly environment. You need the network to succeed and the network needs your success to develop. ”

Preben Hjortlund - CEO - Hanoi International Technology Centre

TRECO - Asia Network

In the processes of establishing itself in Dhaka, Bangladesh and later in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in cooperation with Andersen Consult, TRECO and its CEO Allan Prang pointed out that establishment of an entrepreneur network would be highly beneficial for sharing of experiences among like-minded people with the same basic objective; establishment of commercially viable projects in Asia.

At Andersen Consult we shared this idea and our network initiatives were kicked off with the East Asia Frontier Club. With 10 years in Asia, TRECO is a strong networker with an abundance of information and experience to share and our network has visited TRECO’s operations in Asia on several occasions.

“We have in TRECO had a tremendously exciting time in Asia and much has been going on, set in motion, changed and so on. The possibility to share and discuss all these issues in confidence with equally minded business people is very valuable. You give and take in a healthy network such as ours. At the same time, the network acts as each other’s business scouts always on the look out for the next exciting business project for our network friends. ”

Allan Prang - Partner & CEO - Topsteel Ltd.

Villingshøj & Messerschmidt - Asia Network

The company is engaged in ventilation and cooling technologies and has never participated in any export market activities. Villingshøj & Messerschmidt decided to utilise their network participation to get involved in export opportunities and to obtain access to experienced supporters.

In this way, the company will become part of business projects as a co-supplier without having the lead role. A much preferred export start-up learning process rather than to have to do it all by yourself. Villingshøj & Messerschmidt by this becomes invited to participate in business projects by its network peers rather than have to start from scratch.

“We are based in central Copenhagen and is supplying to larger projects here on Zealand. The possibility of supplying to foreign markets is interesting and the method proposed by Andersen Consult is the right one for us. At the same time we are getting involved with a large number of existing members with a great insight into various Asian and African markets. This has a big value for us without prior experience. Apart from this, the fact that we mix business people from all parts of Denmark provide for a strong network with high social values. We are in for the long run.”

Morten Villingshøj - Partner & CEO - Villingshøj & Messerschmidt

Danish Dairy Technology Cluster

In collaboration with 5 Danish companies (SAC, Viking Genetics, Poul Tarp, PTI and Silkeborg Maskinfabrik), Andersen Consult formed and developed the Danish Dairy Technology Cluster in 2013. The cluster’s market focus is Thailand and Myanmar. The objective of the cluster is to export Danish dairy technology and know how as a one-stop-shop providing solutions that will improve the entire process from farm to fork.

The Danish Dairy Technology Cluster conducted a business delegation to Thailand in January 2014 and a business delegation to Myanmar in December 2014. In June 2015, the cluster received a follow-up delegation from Thailand resulting in promising export cooperation agreements for two of the cluster members.

“The cluster approach certainly has a large potential on emerging markets regarding our line of business. Throughout the process, Andersen Consult has done a good job implementing a business-orientated approach to all the cluster activities.”

René Meyer Johannsen - CEO - SAC

Danish Fishing Technology Cluster

In collaboration with 4 Danish companies (TSR Electronics, Smed Marine Service, Comet Trawl and Shannon Holding), Andersen Consult formed and developed the Danish Fishing Technology Cluster in 2013. The cluster’s market focus is Indonesia and Myanmar. The objective of the cluster is to engage in turnkey-projects regarding sustainable fishery development.

The Danish Fishing Technology Cluster has conducted several business delegations to Indonesia and Myanmar since the establishment in 2013. Currently, the cluster is working on a project in Myanmar upgrading trawl boats with Danish technology and knowhow.

“Andersen Consult's experience with the cluster-approach has been very beneficial for us. The process has been professional and action-orientated constantly identifying new business opportunities for the cluster to engage in.”

Kasper Byskov - Owner - TSR Elektronik

Kølemadsen, KM-Fish & Marine-EL

In collaboration with 3 Danish companies (Kølemadsen, KM-Fish and Marine-EL), Andersen Consult formed and developed a cluster in 2009 specialised in establishing fish filleting factories. The cluster’s market focus is Bangladesh. The objective of the cluster is to engage in turnkey-projects regarding supply of equipment and knowhow to fish filleting factories.

The cluster has achieved great success in Bangladesh. At present, the cluster has supplied 3 new factories with full filleting and cooling technology – and the next projects are already booked.

“The cluster-approach has been crucial to our success in Bangladesh. By combining our capabilities and technologies, we have approached the market as a one-stop-shop reducing the complexity and improving the quality.”

Ivan Madsen - Director - Kølemadsen

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