Terms and conditions

When you decide to use the Andersen Consult services, it is accepted at the same time between Member and Andersen Consult that the following is a user agreement between Member and Andersen Consult. The agreement defines terms and obligations in connection with the use of the Andersen Consult services.

To use the various services at Andersen Consult, it is necessary to sign up for the B2B network. Registration is done by creating a BASIC or PREMIUM membership here on the website. If you need assistance with setting up, Member can contact Andersen Consult for support. A fee may be charged for certain services provided. Membership creation is only available to companies that can enter into legally binding agreements. The right to refuse to provide services is maintained by Andersen Consult. Likewise, the right to change the conditions for the use of Andersen Consult services is maintained by sending information to the individual members via e-mail.

Termination / Automatic Redrawing
A membership is valid for a 12-month period and is invoiced in advance, unless otherwise agreed between Member and Andersen Consult. Membership is automatically re-subscribed after 12 months. Termination of membership must be sent in writing to Andersen Consult at Termination must fall at least 1 month before the end of the current membership period to avoid automatic re-subscription of a new 12-month membership period.

As a Member of the network, there are a number of guidelines for participation in the network and communication between members. 1) Member is encouraged to participate actively on the occasions where it is possible. The more participation, the greater the value the members experience. 2) Member is encouraged to be open to inquiries within the network from other members as well as from the network's facilitators. 3) Confidentiality both between members and between Andersen Consult and members is important for maintaining a respectful and trusting collaboration. 4) Member is encouraged to live up to "good network etiquette" by following up on the contacts that Member brings into play for other members. 5) In addition, Member is encouraged to be open to inquiries from all members of the network. 6) Should dissatisfaction arise with another member's behavior or with Andersen Consult in general, the Member is encouraged to contact the facilitator immediately.

Legal Relationship between the Parties
Andersen Consult has no ownership in any transaction between members of the network. Andersen Consult is in no way responsible for products, advice and services communicated or transacted through the network as well as for information provided by members or third parties. This also includes the fact that Andersen Consult provides support for the creation of a Member and including a description of the company, services and products. As well as Andersen Consult can not be held responsible for any information that the individual members have provided about their company under their profile on the membership overview.

Protection of Personal Data (GDPR)
Andersen Consult does not collect personally identifiable information about visitors to this website unless the visitor himself provides the information in the form of membership creation and including general contact information. Andersen Consult only processes the personal data that is necessary and relevant for the management of the Member's membership, thus only ordinary personal data and for example not or other sensitive personal data.

Violation of Guidelines
Information provided by Member shall not a) be false, inaccurate, fraudulent or misleading. (b) infringe any third party's rights, patents, trademarks or other intellectual property rights. c) violate any law or regulation. d) be insulting or threatening. e) impose obligations on AndersenB2B that have not been accepted in writing. Member is at all times obliged to use the network and the website in accordance with the guidelines and purposes set out by Andersen Consult. Violation of the above involves closing the Member's account and further investigation of the Member's liability.

Closing Account
Andersen Consult arbitrarily decides whether a Member Account should be closed at any time and also whether a member should be excluded from the network. Member fully accepts this condition. Andersen Consult is not obliged to inform Member of the specific reason in case of closing an account.

Login password
Member may not pass on his password to other members or third parties. Therefore, do not disclose passwords to third parties.

Member may not transfer any rights or obligations from this agreement without the written consent of Andersen Consult.

Member and Andersen Consult are obliged to observe mutual confidentiality in relation to confidential information, shared under Andersen Consult under the auspices of meetings, events or in writing. correspondence.

This agreement and the services regulated by it are subject to Danish law. Any disagreement between the parties will be decided by the Court in Aalborg as the agreed forum.

On behalf of Andersen Consult, we wish you all the best with your networking activities.

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